365typo book is out now!

365typo book is out now!

365typo: 365 stories on type, typography and graphic design has just been released. Order your copy for a special discounted price.

If you order before 20 October 2015 at 365typo.etapes.com, it can be all yours for the special price of €36.50 (afterwards the price will increase to €49.50). Free shipping with your purchase of three or more books.

Order for a special discounted price


The 365typo book, published in collaboration with Association Typographique Internationale (ATypI), features 365 stories by the best writers in the field of typography, visual communication, and type and graphic design from all over the world. As you turn the pages of 365typo you’ll find key issues, themes, events, behind-the-scenes storytelling and even the 50 most interesting typefaces of 2014. The book presents not only crucial stories and facts, but also analyses and predictions of future developments in the industry. Over a hundred leading writers and designers have contributed to the book, such as John D. Berry, Erik Spiekermann and John L. Walters.

We hope that you too will find 365typo to be an inspiration for your work, a source of information or a fun read where you can leaf through the top stories the past 365 days have brought.

365typo 1 / 2014–2015

Published by: étapes: editions
Concept by: Linda Kudrnovská and Michel Chanaud
Preface by: John D. Berry and José Scaglione
Edited by: Linda Kudrnovská
Copy edited by: Elizabeth Walsh Spacilova
Cover and layout by: Filip Blažek, Designiq
Dimensions: 230 × 283 mm
Printed by: D’auria Printing, Italy
ISBN: 979-10-95254-00-3