39 Posters Brighten the City of Light

39 Posters Brighten the City of Light

Colorful posters lining the Champs-Élysées and spread throughout Paris were designed by 39 designers from all around the world.

The list of designers include Fons Hickmann, Marta Gawin, Jeffrey Fisher, Jan Bajtlik, Peter Bankov, Kastumi Asaba, Andrew Howard, Uwe Loesch, Vaughan Oliver, David Tartakover or Alex Trochut.

The initiative is part of the program of the annual Fête du Graphisme, which in January and February celebrates all things graphical. As with international artists have been invited to contribute posters that “celebrate the city” from human, geographical, ecological, cultural, artistic, identity, architectural, spatial, social, societal and environmental perspectives.

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