Ljubljana Type Design Workshop

Ljubljana Type Design Workshop

29th Tipo Brda winter workshop, 8–13 February 2016, Ljublana, Slovenia.

This season the focus is on effective workflow from sketches to the font. As usually we start the workshop fully hands-on and kick off with drawing the type. Further on we continue building a firm concept for a type or a type family. Later, each participant work on his/her individual typeface in a digital environment. On the last day, the designs of all participants are evaluated and exhibited as large high quality prints.

Along basic and advanced lectures on type design you get known with drawing skills like TypeCooker, double pencil, bamboo pen calligraphy and stenciling letterform components. You will be guided step by step throughout the digital workflow: scan preparation, correct vector paths, curve optimization, automated tasks and prototyping the font.

Learn more about the workshop, fees and requirements at tipobrda.com.


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